We conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research on urgent themes in global health and development: antimicrobial drug resistance, chronic care & aging, the economics of human development, health markets, infectious disease elimination, and urbanization & health.


We develop and inspire the next generation of global health leaders at undergraduate, post-graduate and professional levels to shape a healthier and more prosperous future for all.


We accelerate progress on global health and development objectives by sharing knowledge and insights with global agencies, governments, NGOs, and the scientific community.


SOCIALAB: An AIGHD multidisciplinary approach to fighting barriers for maternal and child health in Senegal

A recent publication on a completed AIGHD project recommends improvements for maternal and child health in low- and middle- income countries.

Dr. Elske Hoornenborg successfully defends her PhD and receives a zonmw pearl

After years of dedicated research and hard work, Dr. Elske Hoornenborg successfully defended her dissertation. Her PhD focused on HIV and PrEP in the Netherlands, but her interest in HIV prevention began years earlier.

Masters students present on revolutionizing the pharmaceutical supply chain using blockchain

On the final day of the global health elective course, Future Medicine, first- and second-year masters students presented their solutions to problems in the Ghanaian medical supply chain using innovative technology.



Mobilizing social sciences against infectious threats.

HCV Study

Assessing the incremental cost-effectiveness of a hypothetical introduction of a dual AB/AG test to detect Hepatitis C compared to the standard of care in three countries.


Childhood Acute Illness & Nutrition Network