We conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research on urgent themes in global health and development: antimicrobial drug resistance, chronic care & aging, the economics of human development, health markets, infectious disease elimination, and urbanization & health.


We develop and inspire the next generation of global health leaders at undergraduate, post-graduate and professional levels to shape a healthier and more prosperous future for all.


We accelerate progress on global health and development objectives by sharing knowledge and insights with global agencies, governments, NGOs, and the scientific community.


Joint screening for HIV and tuberculosis may increase earlier access to treatment: AIGHD-led project

The recently completed IBUA TB project has shown aligning tuberculosis (TB) screening with existing HIV screening efforts may improve earlier detection and treatment.

Funded by the STOP TB Partnership’s TB REACH initiative and led by AIGHD, IBUA TB was implemented in rural Tanzania by integrating tuberculosis screening into ongoing HIV Test & Treat program.


Empowering journalists through a one-of-a-kind HIV training program

AIGHD’s Prof. Catherine Hankins recently co-chaired the Media Scholar Program, which took place at the start of the bi-annual Research for HIV Prevention (R4P) conference and the recent annual International AIDS Society Conference (IAS) which was held from July 21-24 in Mexico. The program seeks to empower journalists around the world to better understand and report on emerging issues in the field of HIV. This year, 14 media scholars were selected from more than 150 applicants.

Open call for abstracts: Interdisciplinary Master Class in global health

Late-stage PhD candidates and early-stage Postdoctoral Fellows are invited to submit an abstract, by September 1, under the theme Access to Care: Making Health Markets Work for the Poor. The Master Class takes place October 9.



Mobilizing social sciences against infectious threats.

HCV Study

Assessing the incremental cost-effectiveness of a hypothetical introduction of a dual AB/AG test to detect Hepatitis C compared to the standard of care in three countries.


Childhood Acute Illness & Nutrition Network