SOCIALAB video about the under-utilization of ANC testing

Laboratory screening tests which detect medical conditions that threaten maternal and child health, constitute an important component of antenatal care (ANC). The SOCIALAB program reveals that in Senegal, less than a 1/3 of pregnant women receive the complete set of 7 recommended ANC tests. Less than 1/5 of the medical conditions detected are appropriately treated, in a context whereby technology for ANC laboratory testing is widely available. This movie uses the under-utilization of ANC testing in Senegal as a case.

It was prepared:

  • to advocate for trans-disciplinary research to obtain a better understanding of the multifactorial causes of health problems and
  • to propose a strategy for discussing, interpreting and sharing scientific results with international, national and local stakeholders of health services.

The emphasis on knowledge translation substantially improved the relevance of results interpretation and contributed to the knowledge appropriation by policymakers, health staff and key players in laboratory strengthening. The video highlights the SOCIALAB scientists wearing their knowledge broker hat, to inform policymakers on ways to improve the quality of maternal care and to educate health staff on better practices in terms of ANC testing in Senegal. Watch the video here