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Research Seminar by Professor Priscilla Hsue

April 8, 2019

The Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute, Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, and the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development are co-hosting a Research Seminar by Professor Priscilla Hsue (Cardiology Division,UCSF, USA) titled “Cardiovascular disease in HIV: from understanding pathogenesis to designing interventions”. 

Professor Priscilla Hsue and her team at the University of California San Francisco have done seminal work to improve our understanding of the increased risk for cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV, with a particular focus on the importance of sustained arterial wall inflammation in those with effectively treated infection. Insights from her work, together with those from cardiovascular research in the general population, have lead to the first trials of inflammation-modulating interventions, conducted by Prof. Hsue and co-workers in people living with HIV.

In this seminar Prof. Hsue will provide an overview of results and insights gained thus far as well as challenges remaining for the future. With approximately 37 million people living with HIV globally, of whom close to 60 percent currently have access to antiretroviral therapy, the majority of whom live in low- and middle-income countries, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in this population will become an increasingly greater global challenge.

Venue: AMC room K0-176

Hosts: Dr. Neeltje Kootstra (AI&I), Prof. Esther Lutgens (ACS) and Prof. Peter Reiss (AIGHD)

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