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October 24, 2018

TBScience2018 is an official pre-conference event to the 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health and is devoted entirely to basic and translational TB research.

The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development is co-organizing the event.

For the first time, TBScience2018 will bring together scientists from microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, pharmacology, epidemiology and mathematical modelling to present and discuss recent findings on TB transmission, infection and disease. Additional focus will also be given to the development of better vaccines, new drugs and efficient but effective diagnostics for TB, and methodological challenges to determining the burden of TB disease at the subnational level.

The pre-conference will take place from 08:30 on 23 October until midday 24 October, and held at The Hague Marriott Hotel, located just near the Union World Conference venue, the World Forum.

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