Anja van’t Hoog

Anja van’t Hoog

  • Academic staff
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Global Health, Amsterdam UMC
  • Guest lecturer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences

Dr. Anja van’t Hoog holds a medical degree (Utrecht University), followed by specialization in tropical medicine and international health, an MSc in epidemiology (LSHTM) and a PhD (AMC, 2012) about tuberculosis case finding in western Kenya. She joined AIGHD in 2011. From 1996-2010 she worked in western Kenya, initially in clinical practice, and from 2000 at the research and public health collaboration of the Kenya Medical Research Institute and US Centers for Disease Control in Kisumu. In the early 2000s she coordinated the pilot implementation of prevention of maternal-child HIV transmission and treatment in government hospitals in Kisumu, followed by field studies on tuberculosis epidemiology.

Her goal is to contribute to improving health service delivery in LMICs.

Her research interests include evaluation and implementation of mHealth interventions, diagnostic tests and innovative care models, and mixed methods. Recent and current projects are about the feasibility of pharmacy-based hypertension care in Lagos, Nigeria, the utilization of laboratory testing for antenatal care in Senegal, and mHealth for antimicrobial prescribing in Kenya, and ethical review for Global Health research. She also worked on studies related to the accuracy, cost, cost-effectiveness and implementation of diagnostic tests and algorithms for tuberculosis, and contributed to WHO guidelines on screening for active tuberculosis, and on latent tuberculosis infection.

Her educational activities include teaching and coördination of the Global Health elective within the AMC bachelor medicine curriculum, quantitative research methods within the VU Research Master Global Health program, and tuberculosis diagnostic dilemmas within the Global Child Health course. She supervises bachelor and master students, and PhD candidates.

She participates in the Amsterdam Public Health Research Institute (APH) as a member of the scientific quality committee. From 2015-2017 she was AMC program leader of the APH Global Health program. She is a member of the Dutch Society for Tropical Medicine.

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