Emilie Berkhout

Emilie Berkhout

  • PhD Fellow

Emilie Berkhout is a researcher in the field of economics with a strong interest in development and education. For her doctoral research at the University of Amsterdam, she focuses on the effect of policy reforms in basic education on learning outcomes in Indonesia, as part of the RISE program. She also worked on impact evaluations of interventions in early child development, food security and water and sanitation. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Development Economics with distinction at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2015.


Final Report: Impact Evaluation of the project ‘Sustainable Water and Sanitation for Indigent Communities in eThekwini Municipality’

Indonesia Got Schooled: 15 Years of Rising Enrolment and Flat Learning Profiles

From Cheating to Learning: An Evaluation of Fraud Prevention on National Exams in Indonesia