Stephan Rupert

Stephan Rupert

  • Junior Researcher / Project Manager
  • Board Member, The Pith of Learning

After receiving his Bachelor degree in Business Engineering, Stephan Rupert moved from Hengelo to Utrecht to study the Bachelor Economics at the Utrecht University in 2008. This led to a Master’s in Economics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) in 2013. During his time at Utrecht University and VU University, he developed a strong interest in the economics of developing countries. As part of his thesis, he spent four months abroad in Zambia to study the cost structure of two district hospitals. Whilst writing the final part of his Master thesis he applied for a Research Assistant position at AIGHD. His first assignment was to conduct a cost analysis of the ‘Road Wellness Centres’ operated by the North Star Alliance in southern Africa. Although problems with ethical clearance led to the cancellation of the assignment, he was able to put his acquired skills to practice in another study that examined the availability, cost and affordability of anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs in Europe. Thereon, he was asked to start working as a Project Manager. Over the course of a year he was managing 12+ projects of various sizes. During that year he also became involved as researcher in a project studying the cost of TB diagnosis in India. The results of that project led to the publication of his first scientific article.

He is currently combining his role as Project Manager with that of a Researcher in the field of health economics. More specifically, he is looking at the cost-effectiveness of software that can indicate the likelihood of TB based on a digital chest X-ray.

Besides his work at AIGHD, he is a board member of the Pith of Learning, a foundation that develops education courses related to the topic of democracy.


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