PhDs supervised / co-supervised by AIGHD staff:





ALBERTO GARCIA-BASTEIRO: Improving Tuberculosis Mortality Estimates: An Evaluation of Data Sources, Strategies and New Diagnostics in a High Tuberculosis and HIV Burden Setting

FRANCOIS KIEMDE: Febrile diseases in young children in Burkina Faso: Etiologies and the value of rapid diagnostic tests in primary healthcare settings

AGGREY DHABANGI: Transfusion in sub-Saharan Africa: blood products, clinical care and community perceptions

MINKE HUIBERS: HIV-infection in sub-Saharan Africa; from quantity to quality of care

ROSAN VAN ZOEST: Ageing with HIV: from Pathogenesis to Policy

SETH INZAULE: Towards Achieving the third ‘90’ of the 90-90-90 Global HIV targets in Sub-Saharan Africa

CISSY KITYO: Emerging HIV Drug Resistance in sub-Saharan Africa: Effects on Treatment Outcomes

MELANIE BANNISTER: Micro-epidemiology of malaria in pre-elimination settings

DANIELLA BRALS: Maternal and child health within the context of a health system intervention in sub-Saharan Africa


ROSALIE BARTELS: Children with severe acute malnutrition: new diagnostic and treatment strategies

VANESSA HARRIS: The role of the intestinal microbiome in rotavirus vaccine immunogenicity – An exploration from correlation to causation

ZLATA TANOVIC: Behind the data: evaluating health care interventions in developing countries (AIID)

LISETTE SWART: Less now or more later? Essays on the measurement of time preferences in economic experiments (AIID)


PETER MUGO: HIV screening at health facilities and community pharmacies in Kenya: enhancing test uptake and early diagnosis

WILLY SSENGOOBA: Consequences of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genetic diversity in the context of HIV co-infection for laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis in Africa

TRUNG NGUYEN VINH: Antimicrobial Drug Resistance at the Human-Animal Interface in Vietnam

ROBERT KABA ALHASSAN: Healthcare Quality in Ghana Improving healthcare quality and health worker motivation to promote sustainable health insurance

CARA KOSACK: Point-of-care diagnostic tools: Selection, evaluation and implementation in resourceconstrained settings

CONNIE ERKENS: Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions for the prevention of tuberculosis in a low-incidence setting

RAGNA BOERMA: Prevention, Suppression, and Resistance: Antiretroviral Treatment for Children with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa

KATHERINE KOOIJ: Comorbidity and aging in HIV infection

JUDITH SCHOUTEN: Head and heart in treated HIV infection

INGRID DE BEER: Engaging the Private Sector in Public Health Challenges in Namibia


HANNEKE BORGDORFF: The Vaginal Microbiome Associations with sexually transmitted infections and the mucosal immune response

MICHAEL HEAD: Research investments in global infectious diseases – a systematic analysis of the UK research portfolio

SONIA BOENDER: Long-term effects of HIV treatment in sub-Saharan Africa from access to quality

ANDREW DALE KERKHOFF: Anaemia in Patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis in South Africa: Predictive/prognostic value, aetiologies and treatment


SHUANGJIE ZHANG: The Clinical Impact of Immunodeficiency and Viraemia in the Era of Combined Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV-1 Infection

DEUS LUKOYE: Anti-tuberculosis Drug Resistance In Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Uganda”

AMAYA LOPEZ BUSTINDUY: The burden of schistosomiasis morbidity in African children: validating novel, low-cost and scalable detection tools and optimizing praziquantel treatment

SANNE Christine VAN KAMPEN: Implementation of New Diagnostics for Tuberculosis

HELEN GREEN: Assessing the epidemiological impact of extending the national influenza vaccination programme to healthy children in England

MIRANDA BROUWER: Operational research on implementation of tuberculosis guidelines in Mozambique

DAVID GATHARA: The use of routine case record data to evaluate quality of inpatient hospital care for newborns and children in Kenya

MICHAEL MWANIKI: Burden and outcome of neonatal diseases and conditions at a rural district hospital setting in Kenya

SAMUEL OTI: Double burden of disease in the slums of Kenya

STEVEN VAN DE VIJVER: Cardiovascular disease prevention in the slums of Kenya

PHILIPPE RWATANA MUTWA: Antiretroviral Treatment in Rwandan Children Living with HIV: Clinical and Psychosocial Outcomes

JOHN RUSINE-BAHUNDE: HIV drug resistance and Hepatitis co-infections in HIV-infected adults and children initiating Antiretroviral Therapy in Rwanda

ABDALLAH BAKARI MKOPI: Patient-centred tuberculosis treatment in Tanzania

AINA OLUFEMI ODUSOLA: Development and evaluation of a patient-centered cardiovascular health education program among insured primary care patients with hypertension in rural Nigeria


SUE AITKEN: Towards Virological Monitoring of HIV-1 Drug Resistance in Resource-limited Settings

CATE HANKINS: HIV prevention policy and programme planning: What can mathematical modelling contribute?

HARRIET MAYANJA: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 N interaction

STEPHEN RULISA: Malaria during pregnancy in Rwanda

FELIX KAYIGAMBA: Aspects of tuberculosis and HIV diagnosis, care and treatment in Rwandan health facilities: operational studies

Amin Shaban HASSAN: Characteristic and outcomes of individuals enrolled for HIV care in a rural clinic in Coastal Kenya

MARLEEN HENDRIKS: Cardiovascular disease prevention in a health insurance program in rural Nigeria

STEPHANIE DELLICOUR: Assessment of Pharmacovigilance Approaches for Monitoring the Safety of Antimalarial Drugs in pregnancy

JENNIFER HILL: Systematic Assessment of Factors Affecting the Delivery, Access and use of interventions to Control the Malaria in pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa


RAPH HAMERS: Drug-resistant HIV-1 in sub-Saharan Africa: clinical and public health studies

KIM SIGALOFF: HIV drug resistance among adults and children in SubSaharan Africa

BINH HOA NGUYEN: Tuberculosis burden in Vietnam; what have we gained from the first national prevalence survey?

IBRAHIM SENDAGIRE: Operational aspects of diagnosing and treating tuberculosis and HIV infection in Ugandan urban areas

CHRISTIAAN MULDER: Tuberculosis control among immigrants

NADIA Trifonova KANCHEVA LANDOLT: Optimization of Reproductive Health Care for HIV-positive Women

VICTOR VALCOUR: HIV-associated Cognitive Disorders: Scientific Discoveries through International Collaborations in Thailand

ANCHALEE AVIHINGSANON: Optimizing long-term care for HIV/hepatitis co-infection and HIV/tubercolosis co-infection in Thailand

NITTAYA PHANUPHAK: Promoting early detection of HIV and Anal Dysplasia in Thai men who have sex with men

ASHMANIE RESHMIE RAMAUTARSING: Optimizing long-term care for HIV-infected patients in Thailand

SASKIA VROUENRAETS: Non-infectious co-morbidity in HIV-infected patients

BERBER KRAMER: Why don’t they take a card?: Essays on the demand for micro health insurance


ANJA VAN ‘T HOOG: Tuberculosis Case Finding in a Population with High HIV Prevalence in Western Kenya

SABINE HERMANS: HIV and tuberculosis co-infection in Uganda: clinical management, immune reconstitution and health service delivery’

ANOUK KESSELRING: Clinical implications of immune recovery during antiretroviral treatment for HIV infection

FEMJKE A.M. JONKER: Anaemia, iron deficiency and infections. New perceptions of the interactions between hepcidin, iron biomarkers, anaemia and inflammation in Malawian Children

MICHAEL ESAN: Interventions for anaemia in children living in a resource-poor setting: Malawi


C.J. DUNCOMBE: Outcomes of antiretroviral therapy in Thai adults

N.J. VELDHUIJZEN: The epidemiology of HPV and HIV among high-risk women and steady couples in Kigali, Rwanda

S.F.M. VAN DER BORGT: Making HIV programmes work. The Heineken workplace programme to prevent and treat HIV infection 2001-2010


JASPER VAN DER LUGT:  Optimizing protease inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy for HIV-1 infected Thai adults and children

S.M. GRAHAM: The impact of HIV on respiratory disease in Malawian children

CLEMENT E. ZEH: Genetic diversity of HIV: Implications for diagnosis, therapy and prevention of mother-to-child transmission


ELISABETH VAN LEEUWEN:  Male reproduction and HIV infection

SANDRA V. KIK: Tuberculosis transmission in the Netherlands: the role of immigration and travel


EMILY GUSTAFSSON-WRIGHT: Baring the Treads: Social Capital, Vulnerability and the Well-being of Children in Guatemala (AIID)

WENDY JANSSENS: Social Capital and Cooperation. An Impact Evaluation of a Women’s Empowerment Programme in Rural India (AIID)