HIV Transmission Elimination Amsterdam


1) To decrease the HIV incidence among HIV negative high-risk groups (men-having-sex-with-men (MSM) and migrants); 2) To improve the prognosis of HIV-infected individuals and reduce their risk of transmitting HIV to others.


In the H-TEAM (HIV Transmission Elimination Amsterdam) project multiple stakeholders join forces to curb the rate of new HIV infections in Amsterdam, specifically amongst high-risk groups, men-having-sex-with-men (MSM) and migrants. The H-TEAM project combines a range of innovative strategies to raise awareness about the benefits of early HIV detection and treatment, to implement more rapid and widespread testing, and to efficiently link infected individuals to treatment and care and the implementation and evaluation of pre-exposure prophylaxis in high risk MSM.

AIGHD Research Lead

Dr. G.J. (Godelieve) de Bree


  • Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
  • ahti – Amsterdam health & technology institute
  • Amsterdam Public Health Service (GGD Amsterdam)
  • Dutch Association of People Living with HIV Huisartsenkring Amsterdam/AlmereEerstelijn Amsterdam Almere
  • Dutch Association of HIV-Treating Physicians
  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  • Soa Aids Nederland
  • Stichting HIV Monitoring
  • Trans United Europe
  • Hospitals in Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Medical Centers, OLVG, DC Klinieken
  • Hospitals outside Amsterdam: Erasmus MC, Maasstad Hospital, Leiden University Medical Center, UMC Utrecht

Contact info

Nina Schat (n.schat@aighd.org)



ViiV Healthcare

Janssen Pharmaceutica

AmsterdamDiner Foundation

Bristol-Myers Squibb International Corp.

Gilead Sciences


National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

M.A.C. AIDS Fund