From public to planetary health

On behalf of the Lancet: a manifesto

We would like to call on your support for a new vision of planetary health, based on collective public health action at all levels of society – personal, community, national, regional, global, and planetary.

This vision is outlined in a new manifesto published in The Lancet, entitled From public to planetary health: a manifesto

Our aim is to respond to the threats we face: threats to human health and wellbeing, threats to the sustainability of our civilisation, and threats to the natural and human-made systems that support us. Our vision is for a planet that nourishes and sustains the diversity of life with which we co-exist and on which we depend. Our goal is to create a movement for planetary health.

Over 400 health professionals, public health practitioners, policy makers, international civil servants and academics working on behalf of communities have already registered their agreement by signing the manifesto.

If you support this vision for planetary health, please join us here by registering your agreement. You would be a very welcome partner.

Kind regards,

The Lancet