PhD student (full time)

Division: project operations
Contract type: temporary (duration PhD)
Hours: Fulltime / 40 hours
The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD), in close collaboration with the AMC Department of Global Health and the Division of Infectious Diseases, is recruiting a PhD student to coordinate an ongoing observational cohort study into comorbidity and ageing among HIV-infected and uninfected individuals, the AGEhIV Cohort Study. This study is a collaboration between several AMC departments, GGD Amsterdam and the Stichting HIV Monitoring. Central to the research is to assess the possibly premature and accelerated onset of ageing-associated comorbidities in HIV-infected compared to HIV-uninfected persons. In addition the project aims to identify potentially underlying pathogenic pathways and biomarkers. AGEhIV Cohort participants are recruited and followed within the AMC HIV outpatient clinic and at the GGD Amsterdam.


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