Raph Hamers and Peter Reiss on NPO 1

On April 22 Peter Reiss and Raph Hamers were interviewed by NPO1. “HIV resistance in Africa is no surprise”, says Reiss, “resistance should always be taken into account when prescribing HIV medication”. In areas where drugs come (too) late, patients take meds in a less disciplinary manner and where alternative medication is not (widely) available resistance is an issue. Hamers, however, reminds us that we have come a long way: millions of lives were saved by making HIV medicine (logistically) available in Africa. Hamers and Reiss are unanimous on the second phase in HIV/AIDS activism and treatment: second line and modern first line drugs need to become widely available throughout the African continent.

Listen to the entire radio fragment, from minute 5.40 – 15.17, here (in Dutch).