14 February 2017 Global Health Symposium – Critical Care in Developing Countries

14:00 – 16:30 hrs Lecture Room 4 AMC / Meibergdreef 9 Amsterdam


Chair Prof. N. Juffermans

14:00     Setting the scene Arjen Dondorp
14:10     Coma and Convulsions Study in Children; preliminary results Arthur Edridge
14:35     Discussion
14:40     AFRIM study; fluid management in malnourished children Job van Woensel
15:05     Discussion
15:10     Scepsis in resource poor settings; a syndromal approach Job Calis
15:35     Discussion
15:40     SpO2/FiO2 and LUS; diagnosing ARDS in resource–poor settings Luigi Pisani
16:05     Discussion
16:20     Wrap up
16:30     Coffee & tea

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Coordinators: Prof. Dr. M.J. Schultz & Prof. Dr. J. van Woensel
Organized by: AIGHD and AMC