Global coalition calls for urgent action by the G20 to address growing international health challenges

28th June 2017

Today, 33 leading Global Health organisations and members of National Parliaments have issued an open letter to G20 Heads of State, calling for them to increase the prioritisation of health by the G20, and establish the G20 as a permanent global health policy forum.

The letter calls for Heads of State to continue the strong focus on R&D to address critical challenges like emerging and drug-resistant infectious diseases.

The signatories also encourage G20 Leaders to include the conclusions of the inaugural Health Minister’s declaration in next week’s declaration of the G20 Heads of State Communique in Hamburg.

Given the growing risk to humanity the letter urges leaders to increase financial and political support for global health R&D, and to encourage private sector and philanthropic organisations to accelerate addressing anti-microbial resistance, pandemic preparedness and poverty related neglected diseases.

“I fully endorse the G20 Leaders’ decision to place Global Health Innovation on the G20 agenda. We must prioritise AMR R&D in key pathogens – such as HIV, TB, Malaria, and NTDs – moving forward.” Jeremy Lefroy MP, UK Member of Parliament, Chair of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund

“The G20 gives developing countries more power and coordination in managing the global economy. We welcome their decision to place Global Health Innovation and critical issues like antimicrobial resistance in malaria, TB and HIV on the agenda. In doing so, the G20 is making a powerful statement that they intend to address the full range of issues that affect world economies – a critical step forward for global health and wealth.” – David Reddy, CEO MMV

“At a time when global health challenges—like antimicrobial resistance and emerging infectious diseases—are on the rise, it is critical that G20 nations join together to make sure we have the vaccines, medicines, and other tools in hand to address current as well as future health crises.” – Jamie Nishi, Director GHTC

Chancellor Angela Merkel has put global health at the heart of her government’s G20 Presidency. This momentum must be built on, with the G20 becoming a permanent forum for ministerial dialogue and action on global health policy, starting with next year’s Argentinian presidency.