INVITATION: Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Constance Schultsz – 14 Sept

You are cordially invited to attend the inaugural lecture “The Next Generation” by Constance Schultsz, (Professor of Global Health, in particular emerging infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance) on Thursday 14 September (4pm) at the aula of the University of Amsterdam.

“The emergence and spread of infectious diseases, including infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, are largely the result of human activities such as trade and travel, livestock farming and agriculture, and antibiotic use. Although microbes have never recognized national borders, it has become crucial to investigate, combat and treat infectious diseases from a global perspective. Whilst new technologies will change the diagnosis and surveillance of infectious diseases in the coming years, it remains vital to invest in proven, effective, and affordable methods of detecting infections and antibiotic resistance. Simply establishing that resistance is caused by improper use of antibiotics is not sufficient to combat antibiotic resistance. The question is: what drives this incorrect usage and how can these drivers be influenced? Antibiotic resistance is a complex issue that involves many different components, such as access to care and antibiotics, both physician and patient behavior, and of course, the economic interests of the human, veterinary and agricultural fields, and in public and private care. The complexity of antibiotic resistance requires research that takes such complexity into account.”

– Professor dr. Constance Schultsz –