HOOKVAC project member receives prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award

The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development extends congratulations to Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in Research 2018 from the Carlos Slim Foundation.

Dr. Bottazzi is member of consortium for HOOKVAC, an AIGHD-led project that seeks to develop and test a low-cost, effective hookworm vaccine to control human hookwarm infection in endemic countries.

Dr. Bottazzi is being recognized for her 20-year work developing vaccines for parasitic diseases such as Chagas, hookworm and schistosomiasis that affect more than a billion people worldwide.

The Carlos Slim Foundation annually recognizes the work of people who, individually or collectively, have dedicated their lives to search for innovative solutions to health problems in Latin America, especially those conditions that affect the most vulnerable populations in the region, helping more people live longer and better lives.

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Photo credit: Baylor College of Medicine