Registration open for tuberculosis modelling course

The TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium (TB MAC) is hosting a short post graduate course on TB modelling at this year’s Union conference in The Hague from 11:30-17:30 on Wednesday, October 24. The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development is a member of TB MAC’s steering committee and of the organizing committee for the Union World Conference on Lung Health.

This course is designed to introduce participants to the basic structure, assumptions, principles, and concepts of TB modelling, including key aspects of M.tb natural history and the impact and cost-effectiveness of TB care and prevention programmes.  Participants will gain hands-on experience of using a TB model and how to appraise TB modelling papers.  It will also highlight the role of modelling for policy and decision making, and resources available from TB MAC.

The course outline, with more details, can be accessed here, with registration occurring at the same time as registration for the conference. There are a limited number of bursaries available, with priority given to those from high burden countries or low & middle-income countries, to cover the costs of course registration. To apply, please email and include your current institution and country, as well as a brief paragraph justifying your interest.