Recent Clingendael report now online

The report from the recent Clingendael meeting is now online.

Members of the global health initiative recently hosted their third meeting to discuss how industry, academia and NGOs can support the Dutch government in continuing to prioritize global health activities. Some of these include creating meaningful policy and ensuring visibility by participating in international workshops and discussions. A number of AIGHD team members are involved in the initiative and attended the meeting including Remko van Leeuwen, Frank Cobelens and Constance Schultsz, who presented on antimicrobial resistance.

The  initiative brings together Dutch stakeholders in global health (including academia, ministries, industry and NGOs) to define the needs and role for The Netherlands in global health, and advocate for a broader strategic approach by the Netherlands Government. AIGHD’s prof. Frank Cobelens was one of the co-founders.

Read the report here (in Dutch).


Photo credit: © Anika Snel (KNCV).