AIGHD collaborating partner for new world-first guidelines

The first guideline around self-care for sexual reproductive health and rights has been released today by the World Health Organization.

AIGHD collaborated with the WHO to develop the guideline, with Prof. Anita Hardon (AIGHD Academic Staff) co-chairing the guideline development group, a global team comprised of representatives from 40 other organizations.

This is the first WHO guideline to bring together recommendations in all areas of self-care for sexual and reproductive health, including family planning and combating sexually transmitted infections. The guideline advocates for a people-centred approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights and is intended for a global audience. It will be disseminated to countries around the world for adoption and adaption according to local circumstances.

“Promoting safe self-care is key to achieving universal health coverage, which is one of the WHO’s goals and aligns with AIGHD’s mission of ensuring equal access to health care for all,” said Prof. Anita Hardon.

“Self-care is not new, but this is the first time that guidelines have been developed to address self-care across so many areas of sexual and reproductive health. The guideline aims to promote the safe use of self-care technologies and, when appropriate, better linkage to care in health facilities.”

Read the guidelines.

Photo credit: World Health Organization