Advisory Report on Foundations for a Dutch Global Health Strategy

The Advisory Council on International Affairs recently proposed a global health strategy for the Netherlands,

The government has announced a Dutch global health strategy in the coalition agreement. This is an important step because the alarming experiences with the COVID pandemic and global inequalities in access to health care and services demonstrate once again that the standing global health policies are inadequate. However, such a strategy will only be successful if the Netherlands aligns itself with the priorities of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is prepared to promote global health across the board.

This is stated in the advisory report “Foundations for a Dutch global health strategy” that the House of Representatives requested the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) to issue. The House of Representatives asked the AIV for advice on a Dutch global health strategy foundation. In this advisory report, the AIV provides the building blocks for this strategy.” (Translated from Dutch)

AIGHD fully supports the recommended coordination across ministries, beyond the ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs. The recommendations of the AIV closely align with the priorities and research agenda of AIGHD, including but not limited to the proposed focus areas of health system strengthening and antimicrobial resistance. AIGHD is looking forward to the further development of the Dutch global health strategy and to contribute to relevant focus areas through its excellence in research, education, and policy in Global Health.

Find the full version in Dutch here.