PhD student discovers method for detecting bladder infections

AIGHD PhD student has developed a new approach to detect bladder infections. Victoria Janes, a PhD student at the Department of Medical Microbiology at the Amsterdam UMC, who is supervised by AIGHD senior fellow and global health chair, Contance Schultsz, recently published a paper in The Lancet Microbe. Victoria, along with researchers from the Amsterdam UMC and AIGHD designed a novel approach using a technique called ‘Metagenomics’ to detect bladder infections and cystitis. The Lancet article discusses how Metagenomics is expected to be much faster and more accurate than the current approaches to detect bladder infections.

Congratulations to Victoria and her fellow researchers on this important finding! For the full Lancet article, please visit the Lancet website here. For the Amsterdam UMC news item (in Dutch), please visit the Amsterdam UMC website here.