Save the Date: The Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Symposium Announcements


Migration and Health


The Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Symposium

Hosted by the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
& the Joep Lange Institute

3 November 2022

Location TBD

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



With millions of people constantly on the move around the globe, whether due to war, famine, or simply in search of a better life, migration has become everyone’s reality. Migration impacts many aspects of life, shapes world events, and prompts political debates. One element of migration that is less often discussed is its relation to health. Migration and health encompass a variety of topics from non-communicable and communicable diseases to mental and psychological health, affecting host populations, the population of origin, and future generations.

The symposium will feature speakers from distinctly varied backgrounds, disciplines, and approaches, and as a collective, they will provide an extensive overview of the challenges surrounding migration and health in 2022.

The free hybrid symposium will provide an opportunity for participants to listen and engage with experts in migration and health. Further details on the event, including speaker announcements and location, will follow shortly in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please mark this date in your calendar. We look forward to welcoming you in November.

About the Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Program

The Joep Lange Chair and Fellows Program was established in 2015 in memory of prolific HIV activist, medical doctor and scientist Prof. Joep Lange. Funded in part by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the program was commissioned by the Joep Lange Institute and is based at the Department of Global Health-Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) at the Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam.


The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health & Development (AIGHD) is a research and education institute with a mission to address challenges in global health and development by conducting collaborative interdisciplinary research, generating insights and solutions, and educating the next generation of global health leaders.

AIGHD conducts collaborative, interdisciplinary research prioritizing infectious disease elimination, antimicrobial drug resistance, chronic care & ageing, urbanization & health, health markets, and economics of human development. It aims to educate and inspire the next generation of global health leaders at undergraduate, post-graduate and professional levels to shape a healthier and more prosperous future for all. AIGHD aspires to accelerate progress on global health objectives by sharing knowledge and insights with global agencies, governments, NGOs, and the scientific community.

About JLI

The Joep Lange Institute is an activist Global Health & Development Institute, inspired by the life and work of Dr. Joep Lange. JLI combines science, activism, and pragmatism to reach its goal: making health markets work for the poor in countries where the system fails the people. To achieve this goal JLI analyzes the obstacles and failures in healthcare today, asking inconvenient questions when necessary. The JLI comes up with concrete solutions for healthcare quality, delivery and finance. JLI develops and tests these on the ground, and advocates to scale those that have real impact for real people.