AIGHD welcomes new Dutch Global Health Strategy 2023-2030

AIGHD welcomes the new Dutch Global Health Strategy 2023 – 2030. The first of its kind, it will be an essential foundation for concerted government and stakeholder actions to address important health challenges that threaten not only the Netherlands and Europe, but especially low- and middle-income countries. The priority themes: strengthening the global health architecture and national health systems; improving international pandemic preparedness and minimizing cross-border health threats; and addressing the impact of climate change on public health and vice versa are among AIGHD’s key areas of research. To illustrate:, within its partnerships AIGHD is developing strong interventions to tackle the persistent threat of antimicrobial resistance to the health of humans and animals.

AIGHD looks forward to seeing the Strategy translated into concrete actions and investments. Specifically, we encourage the Dutch Government to use scientific knowledge and invest in (academic) research as the basis for global health interventions. We are committed to working together with knowledge institutes, NGO’s, private sector and (inter)national government through the proposed Global Health Hub to make the Strategy a success.

To read the full Dutch Global Health Strategy 2023-2030, click here.