AIGHD researchers honoured for work in infectious disease prevention

Experts awarded highest scientific honor in Vietnam

”This award is an important recognition of what, to me, has become a model of successful collaboration between a national public health program and international research groups. It has shown how research can directly benefit tuberculosis control in Vietnam while at the same time yield key insights to inform the fight against this major infectious disease at the global level. This collaboration has also become a model of research capacity building within national disease control programs. I am honored to be part of the collective that received this prize.” – Frank Cobelens

The Ho Chi Minh Prize is a peak national award made in recognition of significant cultural and/or scientific achievements. The prize is named after President Ho Chi Minh, the founding father of Vietnam and is awarded only once every five years. The award signifies contributions of national or international significance and is considered one of the highest honours bestowed by the government of Vietnam.