AIGHD Fellows win award for research and innovation

On 6 December, the SoNAR-Global project was awarded the Etoiles de l’Europe Award. This project is supported by AIGHD researchers Chris Pell, Danny de Vries, Luisa Fernanda Toro Alzate and Karlijn Hofstraat.

The Etoiles de l’Europe Award honors coordinators of European projects for research and innovation that are led by a French institution. This prize, awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, recognizes the contributions and engagement of French research teams with European research.

This year Tamara Giles-Vernick is a laureate of the Etoiles de l’Europe for the project SoNAR-Global which she coordinates. SoNAR-Global is an international consortium of social scientists specializing in infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance. A notable achievement of this project is the establishment of a dynamic, international, and sustainable social sciences network facilitating the active participation of the social sciences in epidemic preparedness and response, and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). SoNAR-Global designed and implemented training to strengthen social science capacity around the world. It adapted and implemented tools to reveal complex, hidden social and health vulnerabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, translating findings from seven country teams into policy recommendations and strategies.

Congratulations to the entire SoNAR-Global team on their achievement in epidemic preparedness and response, and AMR.

Watch the full video of the award ceremony.