AIGHD Partners with HumanitAir for More Sustainable Travel

Climate change deeply affects our health as individuals, communities, and as a planet. It represents a large existential threat to our planet’s biodiversity and balance. Knowing this, AIGHD has decided to partner with Humanitair to help us compensate for our carbon emissions when travelling. This is a small but important step for us as an organization to counter the negative effects of climate change and is a result of months of consultation and planning with our team.

HumanitAir is a travel agency focused on developing sustainable travel solutions for its partners. They are collaborating with the Climate Neutral Group as part of their own commitments and services for these travel solutions. Learn more about HumanitAir here.

We have also recently implemented a new travel policy which highly encourages travelling through less carbon emissive means when crossing shorter distances and limiting the number of flights taken to a needs-only basis. In our new travel policy, work-related flight is permitted only under certain conditions such as the inability to do the work if not physically present.

This is only the beginning, our organization is committed to reducing the negative effects of climate change through other policies and by looking at our own patterns of consumption to determine how we want to best address the climate crisis. We are also studying how we want to adapt and implement environmentally friendly policies in our core businesses of doing research and implementing projects.