Bringing People and Ideas Together, AIGHD hosts its Annual Fellows Fair and Dinner for 2024

Last January 16th , the AIGHD Fellows Team organized a large gathering of our Netherlands-based Fellows. With over 50 attendees, this is one of our most successful and well-attended Fellows events since the program began in 2021. This year, we hosted the Fellows Fair and Dinner at ‘De Balie Amsterdam’ 

Composed of Senior Fellow Ria Reis and Project Manager Lilly Dol, the Fellows Team envisioned a ‘jaarmarkt’ (lit. year market or a fair) which brought together the different project, research, and support teams affiliated with AIGHD. The concept is simple; just as a market is a place for people to sell their goods, our market is a place where people can share their projects and ongoing research to other interested parties. The goal is to bring people and their ideas together in the hopes that it will build new projects, research ideas, and networks of researchers and professionals. 


A Space for Mutual Ideation 

The ‘market stalls’ were put up in the Pleinzaal, a beautiful space overlooking the Leidseplein. Here, the stands allowed for intimate conversations and an exchange of perspectives. From clinical studies on antimicrobial resistance to innovative flu vaccinations to psychosocial services for children in conflict regions, the Fellows Fair had something for everyone! 

AIGHD Director for Science Constance Schultsz opened the Fellows Fair with a few kind words of gratitude followed by Senior Fellow Ria Reis and Project Manager Lilly Dol who explained the logistics surrounding stall management and time slots. With that, Fellows and staff shuffled to their stalls where an intimate group began to gather. This is where the projects and ideas began their exchange and exactly like you would expect from a Fair, it was a loud and energetic gathering. After each round, Lilly rang a bell which indicated that it was time for people to circulate. 

AIGHD’s Project Management, Business Development, Communications, and Secretariat teams also had their own stalls where they showcased their offerings and their work. Many people approached the different stalls, checking to see how else AIGHD can satisfactorily support their research and project endeavours. 

The Fair reflects our interdisciplinary nature at AIGHD as evidenced by the mutual interest of scientists, researchers, and staff across methodological and thematic lines. Together with our Fellows, we transformed the space into a bustling market filled to the brim with ideas and it was clear that people were not finished with their discussions. 


Connecting Like-minded Researchers 


After the Fellows Fair, we hosted the Fellows Dinner in the Salon in De Balie. As people were taking their seats, our Executive Director, Anna Vassall, took to the stage to open the dinner celebrations. 

“First of all, we’d like to thank all of our Fellows and staff for coming today, it seems like everyone had a great time at the Fair. This year, we intend to bolster our Fellows offerings through events, and as part of our 15th year anniversary,” said Anna enthusiastically. 

Proceeding the speech, the dining hall became much louder as people discussed the Fair with those around them. The waitstaff began distributing various flavourful vegetarian dishes to the tables. The night ended with participants happily full of ideas and hearty dishes. 


A Wonderful Way to Begin 2024 for AIGHD 

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary at AIGHD, we believe that our renewed focus on our Fellows offerings will contribute to our overall goal of building a more interdisciplinary field of research in Global Health. 

Right now, we are clarifying our internal procedures for future Fellows so stay tuned for that. You can follow our social media sites (LinkedIn and Twitter) to keep yourselves up to date! You can also visit our official website: