CD4 cell count and the risk of AIDS or death in HIV-Infected adults on combination antiretroviral therapy with a suppressed viral load: a longitudinal cohort study from COHERE

Authored by: Young Jim, Psichogiou Mina, Meyer Laurence, Ayayi Sylvie, Grabar Sophie, Raffi Francois, Reiss Peter, Gazzard Brian, Sharland Mike, Gutierrez Félix, Obel Niels, Kirk Ole, Miro José M., Furrer Hansjakob, Castagna Antonella, de Wit Stéphane, Muñoz Josefa, Kjaer Jesper, Grarup Jesper, Chêne Geneviève, Bucher Heiner
In: PLOS MEDICINE 9(3), 2012, p.e1001194-