Durability of first ART regimen and risk factors for modification, interruption or death in HIV-positive patients starting ART in Europe and North America 2002-2009

Authored by: Abgrall S., Ingle Suzanne M., May M. T., Cornish R, Costagliola Dominique, Mercie P., Cavassini M, Reekie J., Samji H, Gill M. J., Crane Heidi M., Tate Janet, Sterling Timothy R., Antinori Andrea, Reiss P., Saag Michael S., Mugavero Michael J., Phillips A., Manzardo C, Wasmuth Jan Christian, Stephan Christoph, Guest JL, Sirvent JL, Sterne Jonathan, Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC)
In: AIDS, 2013, Mar 13;27(5):803-13