HIV drug resistance and hepatitis co-infections in HIV-infected adults and children initiating antiretroviral therapy in Rwanda

Authored by: John B. Rusine
Thesis Universiteit van Amsterdam
Promotor(s): M.D. de Jong
Copromotor(s): P.L.A. Ondoa, J.H.H.M. van de Wijgert
Date of thesis defense: 29/10/2015

Since the roll-out of antiretroviral therapy (ART), few data have been generated on outcomes and outcome predictors of ART in adults and children in Rwanda. Equally, the extent of chronic hepatitis virus infections and their impact on the ART outcomes in the country are not known. This information is crucial to inform the choice of empiric first- and second-line ART regimen, ensure adequate clinical management of opportunistic infections and improve the overall performance of the ART programme. Read more