Long-term effects of HIV treatment in sub-Saharan Africa: from access to quality

Authored by: T.S. Boender
Thesis Universiteit van Amsterdam
Promotor(s): T.F. Rinke de WitM. Boele van Hensbroek
Copromotor(s): K.C.E. Sigaloff, J.C.J. Calis
Date of thesis defense: 20/05/2016

As HIV treatment programs in sub-Saharan Africa mature, there are rising concerns about the long-term sustainability and quality of these programs. Increasing levels of HIV drug resistance have been measured in sub-Saharan Africa, and could jeopardize long-term treatment success. This thesis presents the results of prospective cohort studies in adults and children, assessing the quality of HIV treatment programmes and the emergence of HIV drug resistance in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more.