Anita Hardon


Anita Hardon

  • Professor in Anthropology of Health and Social Care, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Amsterdam

Prof. Anita Hardon, together with Prof. Jelle Visser and Prof. Robert Pool, directs the research priority area Centre for Global Health and Inequality. Professor Hardon has been involved in comparative studies of health care arrangements, focusing on the global diffusion of contraceptive technologies and modern pharmaceuticals in primary health and family planning programs, on programs to limit the transmission of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and on global efforts to immunize the world’s children. The studies involve anthropological fieldwork in different socio-cultural settings, at global, national and local levels of health care usually by a team of researchers. This has led to the development of widely used research frameworks/methodologies (Applied Health Research Manual, 2001) and high impact publications in journals such as The Lancet, Social Science and Medicine en Medical Anthropology. Hardon is the author of several influential books such as Social Lives of Medicines (Cambridge University Press 2002) and Medicines out of Control? (Aksant 2004).

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