Eileen Moyer

Eileen Moyer

  • Professor of Anthropology of Ecology, Health and Climate Change - University of Amsterdam
  • Executive Board Member

Eileen Moyer is Professor of Anthropology of Ecology, Health and Climate Change at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science (AISSR), University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD), Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Moyer’s research is driven by her fascination with understanding the dynamic ways that human societies respond to and are shaped by complex socio-technical problems, including viral pandemics and ecological collapse. She studies how infectious disease and ecological collapse is affecting urban life, particularly in the global South, and is specifically interested in the relationship between climate change, environmental degradation and disease ecology. Moyer has conducted research on HIV/AIDS for more than twenty years and is considered an international expert in the field. Her understanding of the HIV pandemic as situated in interrelated biological, ecological, and social worlds has shaped her perspective on emerging infectious disease crises and climate change. She links her work on human-viral relations to foundational questions about the entwinement of nature and culture, including anthropological concerns such as kinship, multispecies relations, evolution, human origins, and the meaning of life itself. Moyer has been a member of numerous international and interdisciplinary research teams tasked with tackling complex socio-medical problems related to HIV, sexual and reproductive health, and medicines access. She has led research projects in China, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and the Netherlands, and has worked in collaboration with researchers in Canada, Italy, Germany and Indonesia.

International visibility, activities, prizes, scholarships etc.

Moyer’s research has been continuously supported by various funding agencies, including the ERC, NWO/WOTRO, the National Institutes of Health (USA), and national research foundations in Switzerland, Sweden, and South Africa. She is currently PI on the ERC Consolidator Grant, Becoming Men (2015-2021), which examines how HIV has changed norms and practices related to gender, sexuality and public health in Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. She is an active member of several professional associations and was elected to serve on the international board of the Society for Medical Anthropology Association (2015–2018). She co-chaired the 2018 meeting of the international Association for Social Science, Humanities, and HIV. 2006-2008: Co-Principle Investigator for “Social Aspects of Free AIDS Medicines in Public Health Care Settings in Tanzania and Zambia” funded by Swedish International Development Aid (SIDA) (600.000 Euro)

Recent Publications

With over 80 publications, Moyer is committed to interdisciplinary dialogue and influencing policy debates. Her research has been published in anthropological, medical, public health, health policy, urban and media studies journals. In 2015, Moyer co-founded the journal Medicine Anthropology Theory, which she co-edited through 2019. She remains on the advisory board of this open-access journal, which promotes cross-disciplinary dialogue among social scientists, public health specialists, and medical professionals. Recent publications include:


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