Eileen Moyer

Eileen Moyer

  • Senior Fellow
  • Professor of Anthropology of Ecology, Health and Climate Change - University of Amsterdam
  • Executive Board Member

Eileen Moyer is currently a Professor in the Anthropology of Ecology, Health and Climate Change, Department of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Her current work is preceded by more than twenty years of research on HIV/AIDS. While Moyer continues to supervise research and publish on HIV, gender and sexual health, she now also runs a research programme examining the relationship between health, environment and inequalities in Africa and Europe. She is currently directing an NWO-funded project on the water, energy and food nexus South African cities and co-leads a consortium investigating the lifecycle of plastics in relation to health and climate change mitigation.

Since the culmination of her PhD (UvA) in 2003, she has received funding from multiple international sources to examine the myriad of ways that HIV/AIDS is entangled in human social relations in urban Africa. She is considered a leading international social science researcher in the field of HIV and sexual health and community engagement; most of her applied research has focused on improving HIV or sexual and reproductive health interventions in the global south. With more than 80 publications to her name, she has been published in anthropological, medical, public health, health policy, urban and media studies journals. She is also the co-founder and co-editor of the open-access journal Medicine Anthropology Theory.

In October 2008, Moyer was appointed Assistant Professor of medical and urban anthropology at the UvA and since then has worked with prominent Dutch NGOs (AIDSfonds, Rutgers, HIVOS). She was granted tenure in October 2012 and promoted to the position of Associate Professor in 2016. In 2019 she was promoted to Full Professor. At AIGHD, Eileen Moyer is developing a focus area in Ecology, Health and Environment, while overseeing the social science arm of an applied health project focusing on improving access to HIV treatment in Tanzania.


Select publications include:

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