Jim Determeijer

Jim Determeijer

  • PhD Fellow

Jim Determeijer is a Medical Doctor and Global Health PhD candidate who grew up in Chad, Cameroon, Ghana and The Netherlands. His goal is to create sustainable opportunities for others, build inclusive communities for people at all levels of society and bring local and international expertise together to spark innovation. From his experiences living and later working in Africa and growing up as a caregiver for his family, he saw the burden and value of family caregiving in hospital care. Jim believes family participation interventions can enhance hospital care and lower caregiver burden while tackling the growing health worker shortages to support a more sustainable healthcare system in resource-rich and -limited settings.

With this belief and support from his promotion team, prof. dr. Michèle van Vugt, prof. dr. Charles Agyemang and dr. Stije Leopold, Jim successfully applied for funding for this new field of research. Jim’s PhD is titled: “Family participation to enhance care and tackle health worker shortages in resource-limited hospitals”. The research is carried out in Ghana and Bangladesh with the close collaboration of local and international partners.

Besides his PhD, Jim is part of the executive committee of The Healthcare Leadership Academy and is in charge of The HLA’s expansion. Before starting his PhD, Jim worked as a doctor on the internal medicine wards of the Amsterdam UMC, and he was part of the Dutch National ThinkTank 2021 focused on improving primary and secondary education in the Netherlands.

Jim is always open to connect.