Youdi Schipper

Youdi Schipper

  • Senior Researcher Economics (AIGHD)
  • Manager KiuFunza Evaluation, Twaweza
  • Investigator, RISE Tanzania country team

Dr. Youdi Schipper is a research economist and manager in the fields of education reform and impact evaluation. He works part-time as a Senior Researcher (Economics) at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development. His work focuses on the quantitative impact evaluation of development policy in a range of fields, including education, agriculture and water supply.

He manages the Twaweza KiuFunza randomized control trial (RCT), which evaluates the learning impact of a teacher incentive program in Tanzanian primary schools. He is part of the Tanzania Country Research Team in the DFID funded RISE (Research on Improving Systems of Education) program.

In 2012, Schipper and his team at Twaweza, Tanzania, set up Sauti za Wananchi, the first nation-wide mobile phone panel survey in Africa. Sauti has expanded to Kenya and Uganda and is regarded as a high-quality polling institute whose reports regularly influence national and regional debates.


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