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The Eastern Europe and Central ASIA (EECA) INTERACT workshop is the first joint workshop on HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), and Tuberculosis (TB) ever held in the EECA region.


Co-led by AIGHD, the EECA INTERACT workshop brings together scientists, clinicians, civil society, and governments to strengthen research and clinical networks in the fields of HIV, HCV, and TB. The first workshop took place from November 18-29 in Almaty, Kazakhstan and had 140 attendees.


The workshop seeks to address topics that are specific to the region and explores particularities of both Central Asia and the host country, Kazakhstan, showcasing successes, remaining challenges, and responses. EECA has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world and it’s the only region where the number of new infections continues to rapidly rise. The EECA region is also home to some 6.6 million people in need of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment and faces the highest levels of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in the world.


The workshop objectives include:

  1. Providing cutting-edge knowledge in the fields of epidemiology (modelling), treatment, pathogenesis, and prevention of HIV, TB, and viral hepatitis as well as chronic conditions;
  2. Exchanging ideas on providing and supporting HIV testing services and clinical care provision to adults, adolescents, and children living with HIV to achieve 90-90-90 goals;
  3. Fostering new research interactions among leading investigators and those who represent the potential future scientific leadership for health care and research in the region;
  4. Building research and clinical capacity across EECA.

Monday, November 18

Tuesday, November 19