An integrative approach to the prevention and control of Streptococcus suis infections in pig farming


To develop the knowledge and instruments for relevant businesses and educational institutions to address the pig farming industry’s streptococcal problem in an integrated manner.


Streptococcus suis (hereafter S.suis) is a bacteria that can threaten the health and well-being of pigs. Nowadays antibiotics are used to cure infections of S.suis in sick animals. By reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock farming, measures other than antibiotics are needed for infection control. The results of this project will contribute to the improvement of animal well-being and animal health, reduction of antibiotics use by improved intervention measures against S. suis serotype 9 and by reducing economic damage for pig farms.

AIGHD Research Lead

Prof. dr. Constance Schultsz


Central Veterinary Institute, Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam, LTO Nederland, Dopharma B.V., Schothorst Feed Research B.V., Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren, MSD Animal Health, Topigs Norsvin, Veterinair Centrum Someren


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