NEAT 001 / ANRS 143

The European AIDS Treatment Network


NEAT’s mission is to strengthen European HIV clinical research capacity by building a clinical and laboratory network in HIV therapeutics.


NEAT is currently composed of 40 “core” partner institutions located in 16 European countries. NEAT will catalyse a critical mass of resources and expertise. NEAT is committed to designing the road map for a durable reshaping of the way clinical research is carried out in Europe so as to achieve a progressive and lasting integration. In doing so, NEAT will pave the way toward the creation of the European Research Area.


The Network will also spread expertise and resources provide training and mobility of scientists at all levels and will foster lasting collaborations across Europe.


The first pan-European clinical trial set-up by the NEAT consortium is the NEAT001 / ANRS 143 Clinical Trial study comparing two antiretroviral regimens for the first-line treatment for HIV infected individuals. The two regimens are: tenofovir / emtricitabine / darunavir, that is likely to become a reference regimen in the coming years, and darunavir / raltegravir, an innovative, promising  antiretroviral combination.


Eight hundred HIV+ subjects from 15 European countries have been enrolled in this clinical.

AIGHD Research Lead

Prof. J.M.A. Lange


Direct involvement of 40 core partners from 16 countries and over 350 affiliated centers of established international reputation.


NEAT Network: EU 6th Framework Programme

NEAT clinical trial: EC and ANRS (Agence nationale de recherches sur le sida et les hépatites virales, Paris)