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Smear microscopy remains the cornerstone for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in resource limited setting, despite its know limited sensitivity. Several techniques have been proposed to increase the sensitivity, including concentration of the specimen.

The current study included 915 TB-suspects and showed that sensitivity of the smear-microscopy increased from 71% to 83% without loss of specificity (100%) when using the concentration method compared to the conventional method for specimen preparation. Due to the need for additional equipment and laboratory safety measures it may not be suitable for implementing in the wide network microscopy centers thorough out the country but it may be considered for the district and other higher level TB diagnosis centers. This would increase case detection in the country.


Comparison of direct versus concentrated smear microscopy in detection of pulmonary tuberculosis

Authored by: Mohammad Khaja Uddin, Md Raihan Chowdhury, Shahriar Ahmed, Md Toufiq Rahman, Razia Khatun, Frank van Leth, Sayera Banu

In: BMC Research Notes 2013, 6:291 (open access)

Link to: Article [pdf]