Tuberculosis in urban slum in Dhaka

Slums are a known place for active TB transmission. The manuscript describes the situation in a large urban slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It describes the results of active screening of household members for tuberculosis. The study included almost 10,000 participants who were all asked for cough. If present, sputum was examined for tuberculosis. The prevalence turned out to be 3 times as high as the latest national estimate. Some of the tuberculosis patients could be linked through genetic analysis, indication active transmission. The national TB programme of Bangladesh is urged to design permanent active screening programmes for the urban slums as a measure to identity and treat tuberculosis, with a resulting reduction in transmission.


Epidemiology of tuberculosis in an urban slum of dhaka city, Bangladesh
Authored by: Banu S., Rahman M. T., Uddin M. K. M., Khatun R., Ahmed T, Rahman M.M., Husain Mohammad Ashaque, van Leth Frank
in: PLoS One, 2013