Gerton Rongen

Gerton Rongen

  • PhD Fellow
  • Project Manager

Gerton Rongen, MSc, is a researcher in the field of development and inequality. He has a background in economics and political science and has worked on many evaluations, such as the impact evaluation of a water and sanitation programme in the informal settlements of Durban, South Africa and the synthesis evaluation of MFS II, a two billion euro Dutch subsidy scheme to reduce poverty and strenghten civil society in developing countries around the world.

Rongen’s research interests include the links between poverty, inequality and economic growth, perceptions of inequality, and the political implications of inequality.

Rongen was previously responsible for managing the Amsterdam Institute for International Development (AIID) – the institute that grouped the development economists who are now working under the umbrella of AIGHD. He has field experience in South Africa, and has done extensive qualitative field work in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the evaluation of an inclusive education programme.


Synthesis study MFS II Joint Evaluations.

Final Report: Impact Evaluation of the project ‘Sustainable Water and Sanitation for Indigent Communities in eThekwini Municipality’

Working paper: A new inequality estimate for for urban India? 

The Interplay of Regional and Ethnic Inequalities in Malaysian Poverty Dynamics (English)