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Evaluating the impact of adding CAD4TB to symptom screening for the diagnosis of tuberculosis


The objective of the study is to assess whether adding an automated chest X-ray reader (CAD4TB) to symptom screening increases the proportion of identified TB patients with bacteriologically confirmed diagnosis.


TB patients are frequently missed in the routine clinical setting. To identify more patients, the national TB program of Ghana introduced intensified case-finding in which large groups of presenting patients are screened for TB symptoms. In this project, an automated chest X-ray reader is added in the screening procedure for those individuals who are suspected to have TB on the basis of symptoms. This strategy would improve the diagnosis and optimize access to expensive laboratory tests. The project sets out to measure the impact of this strategy in the participating institutions, its spill-over effect in the district, and its effect on the national incidence of TB in Ghana.

AIGHD Research Lead

Assoc. Prof. Frank van Leth



National TB program of Ghana

Contact info

Assoc. Prof. Frank van Leth (f.vanleth@aighd.org)


RVO, the Netherlands